In 2015 a group of Blue Star and Gold Star Mothers, several Veterans and Veterans supporters came together as a committee to honor Northern Michigan's Gold Star Mothers and Families. motherpin

September 27, 2015 at the Traverse City Coast Guard Air Station, approximately 30 Gold Star Mothers and Families were recognized for their sacrifices and for their loved ones’ service to our county.  

National Gold Star Mothers and Family Day of Recognition
is the last Sunday of September.  It is a day that is set aside to honor the families who have given the greatest gift this country can receive.

Northern Michigan Blue to Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
Purpose and Mission

The main purpose and mission of the Northern Michigan Blue to Gold Star Mothers, Inc. , is to provide an organization for these families to connect; to promote education and informational activities that will increase public awareness of Blue Star and Gold Star Families; and to support families of all Veterans who have died during or as a result of military service. 

Many military service members come from single parent homes, have siblings still living at home or are married with families. Family members stateside worry about their loved one, and they know that each day that passes without a knock upon their door is a very blessed day.